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"A" Baseball

“A” level baseball is an environment for development and skill learning. Physical skills of development, camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and team building are essential ingredients to a rewarding experience.  Player development is reflective of Practice time. There is less emphasis on competition. Commitment will be about 3 times per week; occasionally 4 times. 11U, 13U, 15U & 18U will finish their season by mid July. 11U and 13U will play their games within the Winnipeg South area. 15U and 18U will play their games city wide. All players get equal playing time. 11U and 13U rosters usually have 12-13 players, 15U rosters usually have 14-15 players, and 18U rosters usually have 15-16 players. 11U and 13U players will learn to play almost all positions. 15U and 18U players express preferences, will usually play several positions throughout season. Everybody bats in a continuous batting order. There are unlimited substitutions except for the pitcher. Coaches are often parents with limited experience.

SJAMBA will follow the Rules and Guidelines set by Winnipeg Minor Baseball, which can be found here.

Please direct any questions about this program to one of the convenors, Kevin Turney or Brad Johnson.


Game Days (varies week to week)

11U A - Tuesday - Thursday- Sunday

13U A - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday

15U A - Tuesday - Thursday- Sunday

18U A - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday

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