"AAA" Baseball

AAA Baseball is the most competitive and highest level of baseball in Manitoba. AAA baseball requires a significant time and financial commitment for up to 6 months of the year, depending on the team’s performance and tryout times. Once the team is formed, everyone is expected to attend all practices and games.  Absences could result in a reduction of playing time. League play, of 20-28 games, begins in May and continues into July.  Also up to 3 or 4 tournaments and possible exhibition games will be scheduled during the season.  The number and location of the tournaments is at the discretion of the individual team. Commitment from parents of AAA ball players is also very important.  In order for St James Minor Baseball and the AAA program to be successful for our children, your participation is required.


Game Days (varies week to week)

13U AAA  - Tuesday - Thursday- Saturday - Sunday

15U AAA - Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Sunday

18U AAA - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday - Sunday

For more information, please contact the AAA Director Curtis Grieve.

Email AAA Director