"AA" Baseball


“AA” level baseball is a competitive level of baseball in Manitoba. AA level baseball is an environment to further development and skills and strategies. Commitment will be 4-5 times per week until early July for all age groups, and until late July for those teams that qualify for the provincial championship tournament. There is possibility of Western Canada championships which would further extend the season into August. Baseball is a high priority for players and their families. Players will attend all games and practices. Absences should be rare and may affect playing time. Games are played city wide. Tournaments might involve travel as out of town. This may increase the cost to play, depending on the number and distance of tournaments entered.  Player positions will be determined by the Coaches during the season. This will be determined through practice, fitting the player in an area where they will succeed. There is a fair play policy during the regular season. Stronger players get more time during playoffs. 11U and 13U rosters usually have 12-13 players, 15U and 18U rosters usually have 13-14 players. 11U to 15U - everybody bats in a continuous batting order. 18U - only the 9 fielding players bat. 11U to 15U – there are unlimited substitutions except for the pitcher. 18U - re-entry rules in effect. Coaches are often parents with experience.


Game Days (varies week to week)

11U AA  - Tuesday - Thursday- Sunday

13U AA - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday

15U AA - Tuesday - Thursday- Sunday

18U AA - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday


For more information, please contact the AA Director  Tara Davidson.

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