Optimist Park Completes Construction of New Diamonds



Optimist recently completed work on two additional diamonds at the complex, which will be used for the first time next season. Fundraising director Ken Kurtz said they are hoping to add another two and a parking lot, funds permitting. The first portion cost $360,000 and they estimate that the next phase will cost approximately $300,000.

“We had to generate some of our own money before we approached governments for money,” Kurtz said. “It started when Jim Rondeau was the local MLA and he got on board and once he did, we were able to get the city to take a shine to the whole idea. This is city land.”

Kurtz said he will be meeting with the new provincial government in the near future to discuss support for the park but says there are no guarantees.

“They’re quite new,” he said. “I would hope within another two years (we’ll be done).”

The new diamonds are wheelchair accessible, however the bathrooms need renovating to be accessible.

Copied from Metro One article by Alana Trachenko